Logistics Software

Postal organizations operate within a highly dynamic market and are engaged in intense competition for market shares. Flexibility and process optimization across all participating parties (including every aspect of the postal supply chain) are crucial for success in such a business environment. Siemens Logistics Software provides a wide range of software applications that support the postal industry in maintaining and reinforcing its competitive edge. In this context, the local processes within a sorting facility – as well as network-wide process support – are included in the scope of our solutions. Desigining our solutions based on standardized base components ensure a high degree of flexibility and scalability for all types of postal organizations.

Address Data and Sort Plan Management

The Siemens software product Address Data and Sort Plan Management enables the systematic and consistent management of address data with sort plans for mail sortation.

It also supports the planning and maintenance of the network wide sorting strategy.


Production Planning and Control System

Postal Production Planning and Control System is an integral producer and platform independent production planning and control system. It is a product that enables control over internal postal operations. Providing a complete and current overview of the productivity figures for all work areas in a mail center.

Revenue Protection Management

The Revenue Protection Management system helps to manage the operational revenue protection process. The system supports the analysis process of country wide revenue protection results.




The revenue protection management system provides the following features:

  • Countrywide centralized and consistent configuration of rules and subsequent actions

  • Result collection from automated sorting machines, from Manual Bulk Mail Registration workplaces, from all attached sorting centers

  • Central view on violation results based on decentralized data

  • Analysis tools to establish the validity of potential suspect mail

  • Pre-defined reports that show e.g. all violations over defined time periods, all violations regarding to customers

  • Reports to evaluate volume and item violations with image viewer

  • Periodical announcement of reports to assigned persons

Dock and Yard Management

Dock and Yard Management enables systematic planning and controlling of transport processes within the yard area of mail and parcel sorting facilities. It focuses on a seamless integration of the transport and unloading processes with the sorting production using resources most effectively and maximizing throughputs.


Transportation and Route Management

With Transportation and Route Management from Siemens your company will be more cost-efficient as well as faster and greener.This ‘best of breed’ software from Siemens supports the optimization of the operational route planning process. The software automatically calculates the cheapest, fastest and most efficient route. Incoming new orders can be coped with automatically through reassignments and rerouting during delivery.

Process Integration Platform

The Siemens Process Integration Platform provides a unique basis for easy deployment of already existent and new software systems and machine interfaces. The Process Integration Platform also ensures the handling of the huge amount of item data typical for mail processing in a reliable and consistent manner.


Geo Quality Test System

The Geo Quality Test System from Siemens provides detailed and complete tracing of the route letters take from sender to recipient. This is achivied by combining established product features with the latest global positioning system technology and by leveraging the item tracing experience gathered by Siemens over many years.