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Gunnar Krueger


My research and development interest has been MRI of the human brain in health and disease. This has comprised contributions in functional MRS and MRI to better understand the MR signal origins and to characterize brain physiology. When joining industry in 2001, my focus obviously has moved more towards the technical aspects of the MRI technology. Since then, I have been particular interested in the field of MR-based Morphometry to better understand aging and disease, in particular in the field of neurodegenerative diseases.

My recent work in technology and methodology developments focuses on the translation of novel MR technologies in clinical routine application including the research and developments of rapid MRI scanning methodology, data management procedures and disease classification approaches.

I am particular fascinated by the potential that arises when merging the expertise from MR-physics, mathematics and signal processing to solve the daily problems of clinical routine applications. This aspect is a great motivator and lets me truly enjoy the work with my fantastic team at the EPFL in Lausanne.



+41 (0) 21 69 37995