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Advanced Clinical Imaging Technology

The "Advanced Clinical Imaging Technology" is a joint development group of the Siemens Schweiz AG and the Centre d'Imagerie Biomedicale (CIBM).

The R&D program of the Advanced Clincial Imaging technology group fosters developments and optimizations of translational high field imaging with a strong focus on (i) development in MR imaging methodology for accurate and ultra-fast MRI and (ii) optimization of advanced MR imaging and post-processing methods to assess clinical information on disease.

The research and development in this program drives dedicated clinical applications and aims at participating in advanced collaborative projects in neuroscience and clinical MRI research for imaging human brain structure and function as well as cardiac MRI.

The group itself also acts as interface and promotes the technology exchange with the Siemens industry. Extending the industrial links, the research in this program is supported by strong collaborative bindings with local and international collaboration partners in Germany, France, and USA.